Our Services

 Private Client Services

We provide a private client service to individuals and families who want to ensure that their present and future lifestyle is financially sustainable. 

Our approach is holistic and looks at all aspects of your life and where you are at right now - Whether you are planning for retirement, facing an unexpected crisis or change in your life, or want to be sure that your family is provided for, we offer guidance and support, and find the best financial solutions for your circumstances.

Your financial wellbeing has three key pillars: 

  1. Knowing your life values, priorities and needs
  2. Developing a sound financial strategy in response to achieve that and manage the risks
  3. Having a sound investment strategy to support your financial strategy

Our lifestyle financial planners help you to define and implement these elements, to optimise your finances with the resources you have available. With our support, you take control and ensure your financial security.

 Group Services

We provide a range of services to groups. This includes foundations, institutions, corporates and groups of individuals within company employee benefit structures.

These services include managing the full ambit of employee benefits, and benefit consulting to companies to ensure that they have implemented the most appropriate investment strategy and risk benefits. Member education/communication is a core component of this to achieve the company and member objectives.

For associations and charitable institutions, we assist with the planning and management of their capital and cash flows to ensure that they can fulfil their mandate to their beneficiaries in the most efficient and effective manner.

 Cash Management Services

We provide a user-friendly cash management services that enables all our clients to optimise the best interest rate on their cash reserves, in terms of their cash flow and liquidity requirements.

 Consulting, Speaking Engagements, Education and Workshop Services

Fiscal undertakes a range of ancillary services adjunct to the usual client services. These include general financial planning consulting to clients where we provide perspective and opinions. 

And we like to share our knowledge - the Fiscal team has a depth of expertise and experience and is often requested to speak at events. Our expertise extends to financial and investment education courses and workshops, which we run for individuals, groups and corporates.


Who benefits most from our services?

People who want to know if their present and hoped for future lifestyle is sustainable.

People facing both expected and unexpected transitions in their life, which they need to manage.

People who want to take responsibility for their financial well-being and engage for guidance.

We find that people who want to ensure that they and their family are properly provided for as they go through life, benefit greatly from our work together; often achieving peace of mind. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle financial planning underpins everything we do. Through meticulous planning and investment implementation, Fiscal helps you prepare for and manage transitions in your life, through your working years and after retirement. We help you align the way you want to live with your resources and we plan your  investments accordingly.  People are living longer and women tend to live longer than men – don't get caught short in your retirement planning. We help you plan and provide regular reviews to help you stay on track.

Ask yourself the questions:

  • Is your preferred lifestyle achievable and financially sustainable?
  • Are you living within your means?
  • Will you be able to live comfortably if you live to be very old?
  • How will you provide for your partner if she or he outlives you?